Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling in Sand Spring, OK

bathroom remodel

Add Value to Your Property

Unique Renovations LLC is your got to company when it comes to bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Sand Spring, OK. We are proud to hold over 20 years of experience in the field which means that all of your needs with updating your home will be met with professionalism and ease. Give our team a call at 918-809-7338 to get started. Add value to your property today by getting started with our team!

  • Bathroom Remodeling Have your bathroom updated with new lights, sinks, and more with redesign options as well!
  • Walk-in Bathtub Install Get more accessibility with your tub with a walk-in installation.
  • Home Contractor We provide home remodels as well as custom home building for your convenience.
  • Carpentry Make sure that structures are more secure with our carpentry work.
  • Concrete & Masonry Your walls can look more attractive with concrete.
  • Room Additions Add in more space with an office, library, gym, or whatever you prefer!
  • Stamped Concrete Create unique shapes with your concrete from tiles to other options.
  • Kitchen Remodeling Have your kitchen remodel or redesign add modernity to your home.
  • Cabinet Installation Create open space or add style with colors and materials.
  • Countertop Replace Enjoy the look of new countertops with marble, quartz, and many more!

Improve the Look & Feel of Your Home

There are many ways that you can improve on the look and feel of your home. With room additions you can create more space for libraries, gyms, and much more. By replacing countertops and carpentry you’ll be able to add a modern feel to your rooms that stand out. Ultimately, the possibilites are endless and we’ll be able to confer with you regarding your goals and needs in order to narrow down your options. No matter what materials or appliances you’re looking for, we can help get them with efficiency. Secure your home upgrade with us today.

Unique Renovations LLC is ready to help with your bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Sand Spring, OK. Call us now at 918-809-7338.